For the days leading up to Father’s Day, we’ve asked our residents and families to share stories, pictures, and favorite memories of their dads, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers who live in our communities. We’ll be sharing them here on our website and on our social media channels in a series we’re calling: Oakmont’s Fantastic Fathers!

Lynette wrote in to share the many reasons why her father, Bayani D. of Oakmont Northville, is a wonderful father, grandfather, and inspiration to all who know him: 

Here are the reasons we love our Dad. There are 2 different sets. 1) Grandkids; 2) Kids.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

From the grandkids (Adriana, Samantha & Mihio):

We love our Lolo (grandfather) because

· He give us big hugs and kisses,

· He loves to read to us,

· He loves to laugh with us and tell us jokes and

· He likes to play games with us.

We love you Lolo. We miss you!!

From the kids (Lynette, Michele, Leonard, Sam & Minh):

We love our Tatay (Dad) because

· He always gave us good advice

· He is a great role model

· He made sure we were loved and taken care of

· He taught us to love and pray to God

· He taught us the importance of being kind and working hard

Happy Father’s Day. We love you. God Bless you!