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Thank You to the Strek and Madeleine Families!

Oakmont Senior Communities would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Strek and Madeleine families for their generous donation to our 2019-2020 Oakmont Cares fundraising campaign. With the addition of these funds, we are one step closer to raising the $25,000 required to facilitate the training of a Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog and its adoption to a Michigan veteran in need.

The donation was made in honor of Doris Strek – a former resident of Oakmont Parkway and a wonderful neighbor. Doris and her husband were active supporters of non-profit and community causes including the Harper Woods Lions Club, their local church, and many others. Their generous spirit of giving was passed down to their children who have continued the family legacy of helping others.

We, as a company, could not be prouder of the positive impact Doris’ time at Oakmont Parkway had on the life of both herself and her family, and we are so thankful they have honored her memory with this donation.

Thank you to the Strek and Madeleine families!

Four Halloween Safety Tips for Seniors

Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays. Kids across the country love dressing up, heading out, and filling up their pillowcases and bags with sweet treats from their neighbors. For seniors, Halloween can be just as magical. No other holiday allows you to wear silly outfits and welcome kids from across the neighborhood to come to your door dressed up as their favorite superhero or fairy princess,

While Halloween is surely all about fun, it doesn’t hurt to take a few extra precautions to keep things safe if you’re a senior this October 31st. With that in mind, here are three excellent tips to help seniors stay safe this Halloween:

1. Invite Over Family and Friends to Celebrate

Halloween is one of the most social holidays of the year, with groups of kids and their families enjoying going door to door collecting sweet treats. If you’re planning on handing out candy this October 31st, you can make it social too!

Inviting over a friend or family member to help you pass out candy or to watch a scary movie is a great way to enjoy the holiday. Plus, it’s always good to have an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands on hand – just in case!

2. Keep Your Porchlights Shining Bright

Before the dawn of All Hallows’ Eve, take a moment to make sure your outdoor and indoor lighting is working and beaming bright. This will not only help you safely navigate to and from your door to pass out candy but will also help you get a better view of who is standing outside of your door when the doorbell rings. As an added bonus, more lights make it easier to view all of the super-cute costumes that come your way.

3. Set a Cutoff Time and Stick to It

Time flies when you’re having fun, and the same is true for kids who are out trick-or-treating. Though most cities allow trick-or-treaters to be out until around 8 pm, some kids and families may not know the proper time to pack it in, and you may be concerned about your doorbell keeping you up into the night.

A good rule of thumb to prevent any late knocks at your door is to pick a time to stop handing out candy and stick to it. Once the clock strikes your cut-off time, be sure to lock your doors and turn off your porch light. This will let kids know that you’re closed for business.

4. Have Fun!

Halloween may be thought of as a children’s holiday, but it can also be great fun for adults of all ages – including seniors! Whatever your plans may be this October 31st, be sure to have as much spooky fun as possible as Halloween only comes but once a year!

Happy Halloween!

Remember: Halloween can be one of the most enjoyable nights of the year but staying safe should always be your first priority. If you’re ever put into a situation where you feel uncomfortable, be sure to reach out to loved ones or your local authorities who are there to help.

Oakmont Northville Partners With Plymouth Community Council on Aging to Sponsor Lunches for For Fireman

In September, Oakmont Northville worked with the Plymouth Community Council on Aging to participate in their wonderful Senior Fest Picnic – an annual event that area seniors look forward to every year.

This year the event happened to fall on the date of September 11th, and Northville Firemen were invited to attend the event to represent the heroes who saved many lives on that tragic day in 2001. As a thank you for all they do for our communities and their selfless sacrifices every day, Oakmont Northville was thrilled to be able to sponsor lunches for all of the firemen in attendance.

Public safety workers and volunteers are such an important part of Oakmont Northville and all of our Oakmont communities, and it was truly an honor to provide them with this special lunch.

Thank you to the Plymouth Community Council on Aging and all who made the wonderful Senior Fest event possible!


Meet Oakie: Our Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog

Introducing Oakie – the beautiful puppy who is well on his way to becoming a highly-trained Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog!

For our 2019-2020 Oakmont Cares charitable effort, Oakmont Senior Communities is again sponsoring the training and adoption of a Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog for a Michigan veteran in need. Specially trained to assist with the impacts and effects associated with military service, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs help those they serve with a variety of tasks and situations that arise during the activities of daily living.

Our beautiful dog this year is named Oakie – a name that won an Oakmont-wide naming contest held by residents and staff. It is sure to be instantly familiar to the pup who has affectionately been nicknamed Oakmont since birth and is now several months into his training.

Now more than six months into the fundraiser, things are going great. More than $7,000 of the $25,000 needed for Oakie’s adoption has already been raised by Oakmont residents, with other events, fundraisers, and programs planned throughout the rest of the year.

Oakie is the second Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog sponsored by Oakmont residents and staff via the Oakmont Cares program. In 2017, Oakmont raised the money to sponsor the adoption of Whiskey – a medical service dog that was paired with Steve, a veteran of the United States Army during the Gulf War. Since their pairing at a ceremony in late 2017, Steve and Whiskey have thrived – building a bond that brings them both comfort and joy.

For more updates on Oakie’s progress and all Oakmont Cares efforts, please follow us on Facebook and stay tuned to this blog.

Oakmont Sterling Summons the Halloween Spirit with Scarecrow Row Sponsorship

Each year, the Troy Historical Society at the Village makes the Halloween season truly special with their presentation of Scarecrow Row – a one-of-a-kind attraction at the Troy Historic Village.

For this spooky tradition, businesses, colleges, and local organizations design custom scarecrows for display at The Village and donate sponsorship funds with the goal of supporting the educational programs and visitor services provided by the Troy Historical Society at the Village. 

This year, Oakmont Sterling has joined with 50+ other local businesses and organizations in submitting for display a custom-made scarecrow designed and created by our residents and Jodi C.- Oakmont Sterling’s activity director.


The theme of this colorful character is Our Residents are Our World, which goes to the heart of everything we do at Oakmont Sterling.

Scarecrow Row is open to visitors at the Troy Historic Village now through the end of October. For more information be sure to visit the Troy Historic Village Website and tag Oakmont Sterling (@OakmontSterling) on Facebook if you take any fun selfies.


As an engaged and community-focused company, Oakmont is always looking for ways to give back and support our causes and charities that directly impact those around us. For more information the ongoing Oakmont Cares efforts, follow us on Facebook.