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As a Michigan-based, family-owned company, Oakmont takes an active role in our communities as well as supporting local causes and various charitable organizations.

Letter from Oakland County Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard


The following letter was read during the Oakmont Communities Veteran’s Ceremony on Thursday, November 9th, 2017:

Dear Oakmont Senior Communities:

I was pleased to be invited to your ceremony in honor of the new partnership between Whiskey and a Michigan veteran. I’m confident Whiskey will be able to be by this veteran’s side and be a terrific service companion. Please accept my sincerest thanks for supporting this wonderful opportunity for someone who put their life on the line for their country.

All my best,

Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard


Press Release: Oakmont Rochester Independent Hosts Special Event Honoring US Army Veteran

ROCHESTER, MI – On Thursday, November 9th, Oakmont Rochester Independent Senior Living Community will proudly host a celebratory Veteran’s Day-themed ceremony awarding a United States Army veteran with a medical service dog named Whiskey.

Trained by Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, a 501(C)3 is based in Williston, Florida, Whiskey’s unique skill set enables him to mitigate the challenges associated with several disabilities, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Traumatic Brain Injury, seizure disorders, glucose imbalance, mobility issues, hearing impairment and more. This adoption is facilitated at no cost to the recipient veteran thanks to the more than $22,000 raised by Oakmont seniors, their families, and staff.

In attendance at the ceremony, which will include a catered red, white, and blue-themed lunch, as well as a half-hour program, will be more than 150 Oakmont seniors, including more than 70 veterans, from the organization’s 10 properties throughout Southeast Michigan. Representatives and employees from Oakmont, as well as elected officials and members of the American Legion, will also be on hand to take part in the ceremony.

“This event isn’t only about honoring the awarding of Whiskey to a well-deserving American Hero, it’s also about celebrating the efforts of hundreds of Oakmont seniors who helped to raise the funds to make it possible,” said Katherine Kalaydjian,

Assisted Living & Memory Care Pen Pal Project

At Oakmont Senior Communities, we believe that Assisted Living & Memory Care is not just enriching lives, but is also about making new memories for each and every resident we serve. That’s why when innovative and unique programs, partnerships and collaborations present themselves for our residents, we’re excited to participate.

One such program was the Intergenerational Pen Pal Program that paired seniors from our Oakmont Sterling Assisted Community with students from Angus Elementary in Sterling Heights. Thanks to a great from the Extra Credit Union, the students and their senior pen pals were able to share letters, make new memories, and even spend some time talking in person.

This kind of program is just one example of the fantastic work our activity staff is organizing in our Assisted Living and Memory Care units. Stay tuned to Oakmont’s News for more highlights from our one-of-a-kind care programs.

Meet Whiskey: A Medical Service Dog Donated by the Oakmont Senior Communities Family

Meet Whiskey.

Whiskey is a service dog rescued and specially trained by Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, INC located in Williston, Florida. He will spend his adult life in service to a veteran experiencing ongoing effects of the tolls of service.

How did funding for Whiskey become available?

Oakmont Senior Communities residents, staff, veterans, friends, and families participated in an organization-wide fundraiser, raising $22,000 to facilitate Whiskey’s training and donation to a deserving veteran.

Who will get Whiskey?

Whiskey will be awarded to a Michigan veteran of the United States Army in a ceremony at Oakmont Rochester in November. His adoption will be at no cost to the veteran thanks to the funds raised by Oakmont.

What is Whiskey trained to do?

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs are trained to do the following:

  • Alerting for help
  • Alerting prior to a seizure
  • Diabetic alert
  • Open/close doors, drawers and refrigerators
  • Pick up dropped items
  • Assist with balance issues
  • Mitigate the challenges of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) including shielding, grounding from anxiety/panic attacks and flashbacks, and waking from nightmares
  • Assist those with autism and so much more

Where is Whiskey allowed to go?

Oakmont Livonia Recognized for Five Years of Livonia Chamber Membership

On Friday, September 22nd, Oakmont Livonia Enhanced Independent Living was presented with a certificate by the Livonia Chamber of Commerce in recognition of five years of continuous membership. As the premier Enhanced Independent Living senior community in Livonia, Oakmont is proud to be a resource for the citizens of Livonia and the surrounding communities, and participate in such a great community-focused organization.

With a passion people, business, and community, the Livonia Chamber of Commerce supports its more than 900 members with marketing guidance, referrals, credibility, and advocacy. To learn more about the chamber, click here.


Words from Our Residents

I was so very pleased to be at this party with my granddaughter and 2 great granddaughters. Oakmont is always having beautiful parties and décor.


Words from Our Residents

From the beautiful entrance, to the great meals and activities, Oakmont is always alive! There is also friendship everywhere!


Words from Our Residents

Guess what? I live at Oakmont and this smile on my face says it all!


Words from Our Residents

Thank you for the trip to Belle Isle. You order a sunny day. When we arrived, the picnic area was all set up. Fresh hot dogs and hamburgers were cooking on the grill. We also had live music and even dancing! Thank you for a fun day!

Wanda P.

Words from Our Residents

The tea party was very nice! There are a lot of my friends that live here at Oakmont.


Words from Our Residents

I am always happy to share the events with my daughter Sandy and granddaughter Erin.


Words from Our Residents

Oakmont Independent Living provides everything I need to make the most of my retirement years!


Words from Our Residents

I enjoy living here and the tea party was great fun.


Words from Our Residents

It was a great day! I especially enjoyed dancing and the music!

Jo An K.

Words from Our Residents

I always enjoy Oakmont functions. I enjoyed my night out and loved the food.

Bernie U.

Words from Our Residents

It was lovely to acknowledge the veterans on this very special night.

Jean M.

Words from Our Residents

I like the people and the staff. They are outgoing and great!


I like the people here, they are so nice. The food is great and my room is very cozy and pleasant!


Words from Our Residents

Everything was planned real nice. I got see my former friends from the previous Oakmont I lived in! “Wonderful Day”

Jean S.

Words from Our Residents

I had a fantastic time at Belle Isle with the Oakmont communities!

Clara O.

Words from Our Residents

An outing & concert with my very dearest friends.


Words from Our Residents

A good day at Oakmont Northville; Friendship and Fun.

Max N.

Words from Our Residents

It was nice to see Scott Fountain again at Belle Isle. We had our wedding pictures taken there. It was such a beautiful day, we really enjoyed it.

Gerry and Richard D.

Words from Our Residents

I’m very thankful and grateful that they had a tea party for us! Living at Oakmont is very comfortable.


Words from Our Residents

I loved our day at Belle Isle. It’s a beautiful place to visit have a picnic and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Just one of the many activities we are fortunate to have available to use an Oakmont Manor.

Jan H.

Words from Our Residents

Oakmont is the greatest place to live. I have been here 4 years and I am still loving it!


Words from Our Residents

It was a delightful tea party!


Words from Our Residents

I LOVE that I can bring my best friend Mingo with me!


Words from Our Residents

I like it at Oakmont Livonia, it is so friendly and everyone makes me feel at home!


I like the path around the building. It is beautiful and great for walking!


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