Resident Spotlight

Resident Spotlight: Meet Mary Ann

Some people posses the magic of finding themselves in the right place at the right time – and Mary Ann, who has now lived at Oakmont Manor for the past year, is one of those people. A common thread of fortunate happenstance has followed her through her life including randomly meeting her future husband in a crowded restaurant and coming across an ad for unexpected hobby that would become her passion. But good fortune smiles brightest on those who are …Read more  »...

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Meet Mary Ann and Richard

The greatest love stories are often filled with chance encounters, extraordinary circumstances, and plenty of meant-to-bes. For Richard and Mary Ann, residents of Oakmont Manor and a married couple of more than 40 years, their story is no different. True love found a way to win in the end. A Tale of Two Cities A native Michigander, Mary Ann was born into the heavily Polish neighborhood of Hamtramck – a small annex within the city limits of Detroit. Her mother …Read more  »...

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Meet Angela

Walk through the lobby of Oakmont Manor, and there’s a good chance you’ll run into Angela, surrounded by neighbors and friends, holding court in the café. Of her many talents, bringing people together is perhaps the most evident off of the bat – but get to know her better, and you’ll realize she’s a trailblazer from the Big City who lives every moment to the fullest. Big City Roots with a Small Town Upbringing Life for Angela began in the …Read more  »...

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Meet Harold

Few people can say that their work, and their influence, can be seen in lasting structures around the world – but Oakmont Manor resident Harold is one of them. Born in Detroit in the late 1920s, Harold spent most of his life helping to build things – a passion that started when he was just a few years old. “As a kid, I was always kind of a carpenter,” he said. “I just loved to do any kind of carpentry …Read more  »...

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Meet Jerry & Peggy

Making friends and having fun? That comes pretty naturally for Jerry and Peggy, who have lived at Oakmont Manor for four years. “It didn’t take us long to acclimate. But we like it here,” Jerry said. “It’s just our nature. We’d have parties all the time when we were younger. When we were setting up our first house, we had parties and didn’t even have furniture.” “Absolutely,” she said. “Let’s get something going here, it’s too quiet.” Their happy attitude …Read more  »...

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