Resident Spotlight

Meet Maryanne

“You don’t mind taking the stairs, do you?” asked Maryanne, who bounced away from the elevator and into the stairwell. “I just prefer to use the stairs. It’s good exercise.” On the way up, she explains how a neighbor once asked why she exercises every day, considering what good shape Maryanne is in. “I think maybe that’s why I’m in good shape…Once I told her, she started coming to exercise, too.” If you haven’t guessed, Maryanne has a rather take-charge, …Read more  »...

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Meet Bill and Lil

After surviving Air Force crash in 1945, Manor resident enjoys 71 years of marriage It was January 1945 and Bill was preparing to head off to New Guinea in the Pacific Theatre with the Air Force. He had been stationed in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and was awaiting his call when a plane in which he was flying crashed during a training exercise. “I spent my last two years in the hospital. I broke my neck,” Bill said. The pilot of …Read more  »...

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