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As a Michigan-based, family-owned company, Oakmont takes an active role in our communities as well as supporting local causes and various charitable organizations.

New Study: Living in senior housing communities leads to lower level of hospitalization

A new study from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis has found that living in a senior community can lead to lower levels of hospitalization for vulnerable seniors – including those with chronic health conditions.

Utilizing data from a decade-long study (2002-2012), the study concludes that the services offered by many senior communities, such as health education, encourage seniors to seek treatment sooner for pressing issues – leading to fewer trips to the hospital.

For more information about the study authored by Assistant Professor Dr. Sojung Park, visit the Washington University in St. Louis website here.

Congratulations Joanne on 20 Years of Service to Oakmont Parkway!

At Oakmont Senior Communities, we strive to not only provide a great place for our seniors to live and thrive, but also a great place for our employees to enjoy their career. That’s why we are so proud of the longevity and dedication of the staff in many of our communities.

When it comes to longevity and dedication at Oakmont Parkway, there is no staff member who has made a bigger impact than Housekeeping Supervisor Joanne English. Now celebrating her 20th year of service to the seniors of Clinton Township, Joanne’s irreplaceable spirit, incredible work ethic, and love for her co-workers make her a truly outstanding member of the Oakmont team.

We were thrilled to celebrate this milestone with a special luncheon, engraved plaque (not pictured), and a gift of appreciation for Joanne for all she has done to make Oakmont Parkway the outstanding community that it is. We look forward to 20 more years of her fantastic efforts!

Congratulations Joanne!


Oakmont Rochester Residents Create Stunning Raku Pottery

Oakmont Rochester Independent’s ongoing partnership with the Creative Arts Studio in Royal Oak has presented our residents the opportunity to try new things, be creative in new mediums, and learn more about the process of making art. From painting and pottery to mosaics and mixed media, each month brings with it a new chance to create something beautiful.

The project for the month of August was Raku Ware. A form of traditional Japanese pottery that dates back to the 16th century, Raku’s unique look and texture is brought about by first glazing a piece of dried pottery, then heating it to high temperature in a kiln, and quickly cooling it down in a reduction chamber. The results are often stunning patterns of earth tones, and depending on the glaze used, intricate colors and sheens kissed in unique patterns by the fire of the combustion.

To prepare for the day of Raku, the Creative Arts Studio created by hand a variety of unique vases. After choosing which custom vase they liked the most, residents were given the opportunity to select glazes of their choice and apply them in whichever pattern they liked. When the glazing was complete and the surfaces were dry,

Oakmont Seniors Set Sail on the Detroit Princess

Ahoy Matey!

On July 12th, excited groups from Oakmont Parkway, Oakmont Sterling, Oakmont Rochester Independent, Oakmont Rochester Assisted, and Oakmont Sterling Assisted enjoyed the calming waves and relaxing breeze of the Detroit River aboard an afternoon lunch cruise upon the Detroit Princess River Boat. The weather was beautiful, the space was elegant, and our residents arrived ready to set sail and enjoy an afternoon of elegance and entertainment.

The two-hour cruise treated guests to an unparalleled view of the Detroit and Windsor waterfronts, including Belle Isle State Park and the Renaissance Center. Lunch was a buffet-style affair, with freshly made options that gave everyone something to enjoy. Dessert was served and the entertainment began: the sweet sounds of the Motown tribute act The Prolifics. Dressed to the nines in their matching sequenced blue jackets, the Prolifics ran through the greatest hits of Detroit Soul including selections from the Temptations and Four Tops. They truly had everyone singing along.

Many residents ventured to the top deck to take in the sights, while others stayed on the lunch deck and danced, quite literally, to the non-stop music.

Three Tips to Help Seniors Beat the Heat

High 80s, low 90s, no rain. This kind of weather forecast is becoming all-too-familiar throughout Michigan this summer. And while these temps make it easy to get outside and enjoy a ball game or a BBQ with family and friends, they can create a potentially dangerous situation when it comes to dehydration and overheating – especially for seniors.

Along with the physiological changes of aging, many common medications and other lifestyle factors can actually make seniors more prone to dehydration-related issues and complications than younger people. That’s why we wanted to share three great tips to help seniors stay cool doing the summer season.

1. Wear the right clothes for hot temps

Along with its own set of activities, summer also has its own recommended wardrobe – with an emphasis on light, cool, and comfortable. For days like today that make it into the 90s, the Center for Disease Control recommends sticking to lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. Wearing the right clothing will help your body’s natural cooling mechanisms do their job, and will help keep you from overheating.

2. Enjoy the beautiful summer weather from inside

Summer makes us want to go outside and experience the sunshine – especially after a long and bitter-cold winter.

Words from Our Residents

Guess what? I live at Oakmont and this smile on my face says it all!


Words from Our Residents

A good day at Oakmont Northville; Friendship and Fun.

Max N.

Words from Our Residents

I LOVE that I can bring my best friend Mingo with me!


Words from Our Residents

I loved our day at Belle Isle. It’s a beautiful place to visit have a picnic and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Just one of the many activities we are fortunate to have available to use an Oakmont Manor.

Jan H.

Words from Our Residents

I had a fantastic time at Belle Isle with the Oakmont communities!

Clara O.

Words from Our Residents

It was a great day! I especially enjoyed dancing and the music!

Jo An K.

Words from Our Residents

Everything was planned real nice. I got see my former friends from the previous Oakmont I lived in! “Wonderful Day”

Jean S.

Words from Our Residents

The tea party was very nice! There are a lot of my friends that live here at Oakmont.


Words from Our Residents

Thank you for the trip to Belle Isle. You order a sunny day. When we arrived, the picnic area was all set up. Fresh hot dogs and hamburgers were cooking on the grill. We also had live music and even dancing! Thank you for a fun day!

Wanda P.

Words from Our Residents

I’m very thankful and grateful that they had a tea party for us! Living at Oakmont is very comfortable.


Words from Our Residents

It was nice to see Scott Fountain again at Belle Isle. We had our wedding pictures taken there. It was such a beautiful day, we really enjoyed it.

Gerry and Richard D.

Words from Our Residents

An outing & concert with my very dearest friends.


Words from Our Residents

Oakmont Independent Living provides everything I need to make the most of my retirement years!


Words from Our Residents

I like it at Oakmont Livonia, it is so friendly and everyone makes me feel at home!


I like the path around the building. It is beautiful and great for walking!


Words from Our Residents

Oakmont is the greatest place to live. I have been here 4 years and I am still loving it!


Words from Our Residents

I enjoy living here and the tea party was great fun.


Words from Our Residents

It was lovely to acknowledge the veterans on this very special night.

Jean M.

Words from Our Residents

I like the people and the staff. They are outgoing and great!


I like the people here, they are so nice. The food is great and my room is very cozy and pleasant!


Words from Our Residents

I was so very pleased to be at this party with my granddaughter and 2 great granddaughters. Oakmont is always having beautiful parties and décor.


Words from Our Residents

From the beautiful entrance, to the great meals and activities, Oakmont is always alive! There is also friendship everywhere!


Words from Our Residents

It was a delightful tea party!


Words from Our Residents

I am always happy to share the events with my daughter Sandy and granddaughter Erin.


Words from Our Residents

I always enjoy Oakmont functions. I enjoyed my night out and loved the food.

Bernie U.

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