Introducing Oakie – the beautiful puppy who is well on his way to becoming a highly-trained Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog!

For our 2019-2020 Oakmont Cares charitable effort, Oakmont Senior Communities is again sponsoring the training and adoption of a Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog for a Michigan veteran in need. Specially trained to assist with the impacts and effects associated with military service, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs help those they serve with a variety of tasks and situations that arise during the activities of daily living.

Our beautiful dog this year is named Oakie – a name that won an Oakmont-wide naming contest held by residents and staff. It is sure to be instantly familiar to the pup who has affectionately been nicknamed Oakmont since birth and is now several months into his training.

Now more than six months into the fundraiser, things are going great. More than $7,000 of the $25,000 needed for Oakie’s adoption has already been raised by Oakmont residents, with other events, fundraisers, and programs planned throughout the rest of the year.

Oakie is the second Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog sponsored by Oakmont residents and staff via the Oakmont Cares program. In 2017, Oakmont raised the money to sponsor the adoption of Whiskey – a medical service dog that was paired with Steve, a veteran of the United States Army during the Gulf War. Since their pairing at a ceremony in late 2017, Steve and Whiskey have thrived – building a bond that brings them both comfort and joy.

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