Throughout 2017, Oakmont Senior Communities worked to raise more than $20,000 to adopt Whiskey – a medical service dog trained to worked with veterans impacted by the emotional and physical toll of their service. In November, at a ceremony at Oakmont Rochester Independent, Whiskey, now a fully trained medical service dog, was officially matched with Steve, a Michigan veteran of the United States Army during Desert Storm. Over the past five months, Steve and Whiskey have developed a unique and lasting bond, which has brought joy and happiness to both of their lives.

Here is an update on Whiskey and Steve’s adventures together:

Whiskey at Work:

As they’ve settled into their routine together, Whiskey loves accompanying Steve to work. Steve is a Certified Nursing Assistant and spends his professional life taking care of people in need. When Whiskey knows they are approaching the office, he will sit up and excitedly whine – ready to go to work and make a difference in people’s lives. Whiskey enjoys his days at work with the staff and residents, and the residents he helps serve love him too.

Whiskey taking a break from another workday with Steve. He truly loves his job.

Whiskey at Play:

Whiskey has made the most of the elongated Michigan winter, actively enjoying walks in the woods and his favorite snowy pastime: snowballs. Recently, he took a walk in the woods where he met an otter and some doves but remained well-behaved and calm. During outings with Steve, strangers are always quick to compliment not only what a beautiful dog Whiskey is, but how poised and attentive he is to Steve.


Stay tuned for additional updates on the dynamic duo as they become available.