The results are in, and Whiskey – a 2-year-old German Shepherd – has been voted by our residents, staff members, families and friends as the medical service dog to be paired with a deserving Michigan veteran by Veterans Day 2017.

Thanks to everyone’s contributions, we are on our way to our goal of $22,000 needed to make this happen. This covers the cost of training through Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, in addition to lifetime professional follow-up care and the cost of transporting him to his new home in Michigan. Approximately $17,000 has been raised thus far through our eight Oakmont Communities.

Whiskey was chosen for this program after being the top vote-getter among 10 service dogs. Oakmont’s involvement honors all veterans residing at our communities.

What makes Whiskey unique is his special PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) training, which helps him to provide non-aggressive protection. He can even recognize nightmares taking place with the person he is protecting. Often, those dealing with PTSD have a very difficult time sleeping; thus, he can help provide most restful sleep. Whiskey can be described as an extremely friendly dog whose trainers love him.

Guardian Angels is a non-profit organization established to raise and train medical service dogs. The dogs are donated with the goal of providing relief, assistance, independence and dignity to those in need of their special skills.

Many soldiers return home facing unique and difficult challenges including PTSD, traumatic brain injury and mobility issues. By unleashing the power of a medical service dog into their lives, we will help a veteran regain some of their comfort and independence.

It has been proven the presence of these medical service dogs helps veterans successfully cope with such challenges as suicide, chemical and alcohol dependence, higher divorce rates and general health issues associated with a sedentary or withdrawn lifestyle.

For more info about Guardian Angels, go to or call (352) 425-1981.