At each of our Oakmont communities, we are lucky enough to receive frequent cards, letters, and notes of thanks from our residents and their families. These simple gestures mean the absolute world to us, and we are grateful to each and every author who takes the time to share their feedback. 

We received the below letter from Cheryl – the niece of a resident who called Oakmont Sterling home for more than seven years. The dedication, patience, and love Cheryl showed her aunt during their near-daily visits constantly inspired us. We are so touched that Cheryl chose to share her words with us, and we wanted to share them with you below:

Note: We have altered the letter slightly to protect the privacy of Cheryl and her family.

To the Directors & Staff at Oakmont Sterling Enhanced:

As you know, my aunt has been a resident at Oakmont Sterling for over seven years until her recent passing. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for taking such wonderful care of her throughout that time. You were truly a second family to her and you made her life safe, comfortable, and very enjoyable. 

Since I had a constant presence in her life, I saw for myself first-hand how well she was treated and how the Oakmont staff always went the extra mile to make sure that not only my aunt, but all of their residents, truly felt that this was their “home” and not just another senior facility. 

For me, it was especially great to see that Oakmont offered so many activities from crafts, to exercise, to outings, to special events (like the Olympic games – my aunt has her medal to prove she participated), to bingo (with popcorn), to monthly birthday celebrations, as well as holiday celebrations and weekly entertainment. The staff always encouraged the residents to participate in these activities and made it fun to do so. 

I can’t say enough about Jodi. What a blessing. While my aunt wasn’t always able to attend all of the activities when she did participate Jodi always helped her and recognized that one of her favorites was doing watercolors. Jodi always encouraged her to participate in that activity. I have several watercolor pictures that my aunt did that I framed and I will always have special memories that while she was “painting” she was happy and had a smile on her face. I have photos of those memories thanks to Jodi. You couldn’t ask for better activities coordinators than Jodi & Debbie. It’s obvious that they enjoy what they do and they pass their enthusiasm onto the residents. They make the day brighter for those who participate in whatever activity is taking place.

Chef Ken always made sure that the residents were happy with their meals and the waitstaff were always cheerful and friendly. 

Housekeeping and laundry kept my aunt’s apartment and clothes spotless. I think I need to hire them for myself. 

While my heart is very heavy at this time with the loss of my aunt, I take great comfort in knowing that while she called Oakmont her home for over seven years, she was always safe, comfortable, was treated with respect and dignity and was loved by Oakmont’s staff. I couldn’t have asked for a better life for her. 

I want to thank everyone at Oakmont, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my aunt live her remaining golden years in the loving and caring environment that she so greatly deserved.

Having been at Oakmont almost every day for the last seven years, I, too, have made great friends and will always remember your kindness, our laughter and our tears. You have become an extension of my family as well, and I appreciate each of you for everything you have done for my aunt over the years.

I won’t be a stranger. I plan on visiting and participating in some activities along the way. Keep the popcorn coming and please remember how much all of you mean to my aunt and to me and my husband.

With much love and sincerity,

Cheryl and Jim T.