As one of the most popular on-demand grocery delivery services in the United States, SHIPT brings millions of Americans grocery and living essentials from their favorite stores each week. Empowering their customers to use computers and handheld smart devices to shop stores like Meijer and Target 24 hours a day/365 days a year, SHIPT and programs like it are perfect for those who might lack the time, transportation, or opportunity to make it to the store but still want to be able to pick out exactly the items they want to stock in the kitchen or pantry.

It is this ease of use and convenient around-the-clock availability that inspired Oakmont to introduce the SHIPT program at our communities. We knew that regardless of how familiar a resident may be with today’s technology, our dedicated activities staff and available computers and Wi-Fi could get them up and running in no time – bringing every interested resident a wealth of shopping options right to their fingertips.

Helen, a resident of Oakmont Livonia, says SHIPT makes life easier for her and her daughters.

Integrating feedback and ideas from our communities, Oakmont’s corporate Operations and Communications team rolled out The SHIPT Shopping Experience with interactive meetings at each Oakmont community – giving residents and their families the chance to ask questions, understand the program’s benefits, and watch a customized video that walked through the steps of signing up and placing their first SHIPT order. Each meeting was attended by dozens of interested residents and family members who brought with them great questions and curious minds. These meetings were followed by community-wide sign-up sessions, facilitated by our activities staff, to help residents get online and get started shopping!

Now, thanks to its popularity within our communities, SHIPT is on the weekly activity calendar at each Oakmont. Activity Directors make themselves available each week to answer questions, explain the program for any newcomers, and even guide residents and their families through the sign-up and ordering process. And our residents couldn’t be more excited.

Sue from Parkway loves SHIPT

For Joan at Oakmont Manor who was unfamiliar with SHIPT before the community meeting, the delivery service has been a delightful way to avoid the headaches of bad weather and crowded grocery stores. “Not having to go to the store, especially in bad weather. Not having to worry about fighting crowds in the store – I absolutely love it!” she said of SHIPT.

When asked what she liked best about SHIPT, Parkway resident Sue pointed to the promptness and affordability of the program. “I love how I get my groceries the same day I order them,” she said. “They are very prompt.” When asked whether other seniors might benefit from the grocery delivery service, she was quick to answer affirmatively. “I would say that SHIPT is a great investment [for seniors],” she said. “It gives you freedom and time to do other things.”

Joan from Oakmont Manor uses SHIPT on her tablet.

For Helen, a longtime resident of Oakmont Livonia, the benefits of SHIPT mean making things easier on her children and giving her the independence to order what she wants, when she wants it. “I’m able to order things I need rather than requesting this type of thing from my daughters,” she said. “Coincidentally, my daughters are happy I am using the SHIPT Program!”

“It is a very good program,” Mary Ann of Oakmont Northville said. “People are nice to work with. Staff members are always bright and cheerful.” The best part, she said, is not having to lift all of the heavy bags and packages that come with weekly grocery shopping. “You don’t realize that you don’t like carrying heavy stuff until you don’t have to.”

Now, as the number of residents at each of Oakmont’s five communities actively using the SHIPT program continues to grow, the Oakmont team will continue looking for innovative activities, events, and initiatives that add to our residents’ quality of life, bolster their use of technology, and maximize the enjoyment of their time in our communities. That’s what the Oakmont difference is all about.

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