Resident Spotlight

Meet John and Virginia

John skipped out on his first meeting with Virginia. Big mistake, as he soon found out. “We were supposed to meet on a blind date, but he didn’t show up,” Virginia said. “So there I was, with two other couples, and he didn’t show up because his mother didn’t want him to. She had another girl picked out for him.” But John got a favorable scouting report, which helped change his mind. Said Virginia: “His best buddy called up and …Read more  »...

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Meet Millie

At the age of 99, there’s much Millie experienced in her life. That includes memories of being moved from her home in Yugoslavia (where she was born with the name Milka) to Germany during the height of World War II. She experienced the horrors of war first-hand, as her husband made bullets for the Germans and she worked in a kitchen “All kinds of stuff was going on,” Millie said. “People killing people. It makes me sick to think about …Read more  »...

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