Resident Spotlight

Resident Spotlight: Peggy

If you’re looking for a travel recommendation or a great new recipe, Oakmont Northville resident of more than two years, Peggy, is just the person to see. A former nurse whose passion for traveling has taken her around the world, Peggy’s zest for life and ability to persevere through challenging times has helped make her story one you’ll never forget. From a Newborn to a Nurse Peggy, whose real name is Margaret, was born in the heart of the Motor …Read more  »...

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Meet Martha

How does a native Wisconsinite, who spent stints in Kentucky and Tennessee, end up in the suburbs of Detroit? The answer: A great work ethic, a loving family, and an adventurous spirit. And that’s exactly what you’ll find when you meet Martha, this month’s resident spotlight at Oakmont Northville. A Start in the Dairy State Though she has called Michigan her home since 1950, Martha’s journey didn’t begin in the Mitten. She was born in Wisconsin to loving parents, but …Read more  »...

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Meet Betty

  It’s no surprise that when asked what she’d like to talk about in her resident spotlight interview, Betty replied that she’d like to talk about her religion. “I think it’s the most interesting things about me,” she said, smiling, “and I can talk about it, it’s not weird.” Born in Philadelphia to a loving mother and father and three sisters, Betty was brought up in the Church of Christian Science – an American-born religion that sports about 85,000 members …Read more  »...

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Meet Marilyn

Maybe it had something to do with the fact the first time Marilyn was pregnant, it ended in the full-term death of her baby. Or maybe it was part of another plan, she didn’t know for sure. Over the span of 20 years, Marilyn and her husband Carl served as foster parents for 11 newborn children. “I think a lot of it had to do with the loss of the first baby, but I really couldn’t tell you for sure,” …Read more  »...

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Meet Steve and Nadine

A short time after being sent to Iwo Jima during the height of World War II, a shell landed near Steve’s foxhole. It blew him in the air, tearing nerves in his left arm and peppering his body with shrapnel. The Oakmont Northville resident, who lives there with his wife Nadine, reflected on his time with the Marines as he showed several pictures from that time and explained how fortunate he was to be alive. At some point, he was …Read more  »...

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