Music is one of the most powerful triggers of emotion and at Oakmont Senior Communities we use music in a variety of ways to promote our resident’s well-being, improve socialization, alleviate stress and anxiety, and increase cognition and communication. It can take many different forms, such as playing themed songs, using instruments to create music, or even just talking about music. At Oakmont, our talented musicians are currently incorporating our Grand Piano and visiting harpist to create a music program that is both interactive and fun for residents and their families.

Certain songs or pieces of music are deeply tied to memory and experience, and music therapy can act as a way to unlock that part of the mind. Think back to the most popular song in your teen years, the music that played for the first dance of your wedding, or what accompanied you as you graduated from high school ‐ all it takes is a couple seconds of mentally hearing it, and you’re instantly transported back in time much more powerfully than just talking about it.