Our residents are experiencing “Pure Michigan” in the truest sense. They’ll have an opportunity to create a Michigan canvas bag, learn the history of the Stroh family while tasting their wares, and see a visual tour of our beautiful lighthouses. This month of Michigan culminates with a luncheon on the 31st including: Dearborn Hot Dogs on Wonder Buns, Better Made Potato Chips, Faygo Red Pop, and the piece de resistance, a Saunders Crème Puff Sundae. This takes place at 11 a.m. and also at 12:30 p.m.

We are going to take a step back in time by visiting the Stahls Automotive Foundation. Residents will gain a better understanding of how the automobile developed from a novelty to a main form of transportation! Residents will be able to enjoy looking at the beautiful cars as well as enjoy the collection of gas pumps, road signs, oil cans and other car related accessories from the Depression era. Taking a walk down memory lane is sure to excite and trigger-happy memories!

The fun begins when you receive a list of scrambled words that are your clues. After you unscramble the words, you are off to your apartment to find the items. The first person to complete their list of unscrambled words and found items will receive a gift card.

We will head downtown early to enjoy a picnic lunch by the Riverfront walk near the Diamond Jack boat docks. After lunch we will board the boat, ready to enjoy a day of summer fun on the Detroit River. The two-hour cruise will be narrated on the history and highlights along the riverfront.

Residents who take advantage of Zentangle will be engaging in a form of meditation. This artistic expression will capture your inner creativity while you immerse in a state of relaxation. It is perfect for all skill levels and will leave you refreshed.