Residents enjoy getting happy at happy hour! Wine, beer and sparkling juice are just a few of the standard options we provide during happy hour. Appetizers, music and good company make for an eventful afternoon. Residents are encouraged to sit with new peers and prompted with conversation starters. You’re never too old to meet new friends!

Join us on an afternoon on the water. We will enjoy lunch and a relaxing cruise. There will also be a musical tribute to Detroit’s own great Motown music of the 60’s while aboard the ship. The ship will travel down the Detroit River, while we take in the views of Canada and Detroit at the same time. The lunch will include a delicious buffet and of course, dessert will be served. Seats fill up fast so make sure you grab a spot for yourself!

Everyone knows that baseball is America’s favorite past time. Let’s have an afternoon out at the ballpark. Residents will enjoy a baseball game that is closer than heading down to Detroit’s field. We will enjoy a hotdog and a pop for lunch and hopefully some great Michigan weather. This is a limited event so reservations and tickets are needed to attend. Please let the activity staff know you want to join. Grab your hat and glove and let’s play ball!

The Northpoint horses are coming back for the second year in a row! Residents will enjoy feeding and be petting these friendly visitors in our very own front yard. Residents will feed the horses carrots and peppermint candies right out of their own hands! The horses bring so much joy to the residents and it leaves the residents full of conversations for the afternoon! Stop by and say hello to our friendly horses from Northpointe Farms.

This event is tailored to the men of our community. We have had many requests from our fishermen that they want to head out and fish. So, we are doing exactly that! With help from our Maintenance man, Chris, the men of the building will be having a day to themselves. A lunch will be packed and hopefully, many fish will be caught. Either way, the day will be relaxing out on the water. A perfect way to honor the men of our building and give them a special treat for this Father’s Day!