The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office shared the following update on Deputy Hack on April 19th:

Deputy Hack has been making great strides while recovering at a rehab facility in Colorado. Physically, he is doing excellent and is able to walk short distances on his own. He is able to speak and is having great conversations and is even making phone calls. He remains in great spirits and as a result of his wonderful progress, he will be coming back to Michigan at the beginning of May.

Below is an update shared by the wife of Deputy David Hack on the progress of his rehabilitation in March:

Dave continues with Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado. His bodily injuries have all healed. He walked about 40 feet with assistance last week. He had the sutures removed from the cranioplasty (skull reconstruction) this week and the incision is healing nicely. He will likely have his knee brace removed also after he sees the orthopedist.

The focus of his rehabilitation is now 100% on recovering from TBI and managing the effects of long term hospitalization. Recovery from TBI is different from other medical conditions in that the doctors really can’t predict exactly what Dave’s long term outcome will be, so we hear “we don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see” a lot.

Dave works hard on his rehabilitation every single day, he has the best staff in the country assisting him and he has his family by his side supporting him. We continue to see positive progress each and every day! We love you all and appreciate all of your support. We are so grateful for the love and kindness our friends, family and community have given us!

This year, all 10 Oakmont Communities will work together to raise money for the family of Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy David Hack, who was injured in the line of duty. 

Please join us on May 20th for a bowling fundraiser at Classic Lanes in Rochester. All proceeds from the event will go to benefit Deputy Hack’s recovery. Please see below for more information: