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The Staff and Residents of Oakmont Manor Make a Holiday Miracle for TCCHS Students

In honor of the holiday season, we’d like to take just a moment to celebrate and honor the staff and residents of Oakmont Manor for their generosity, giving spirit, and caring hearts.

A few weeks ago, when it became known that two brothers from Troy College and Career High School were in urgent need of some everyday living essentials for their new apartment, the staff and residents of Oakmont Manor didn’t hesitate.

Instantly mobilizing with a mix of lightly used donations, new purchases, and more, our Executive Director Luisa, Assistant Director Mary, Activity Director Janet, and others coordinated a massive effort of giving that resulted in essentials like tables and chairs, lamps, microwaves, cleaning supplies, dishes, a tv, a couch, blankets, towels, dishware, and more all helping turn the brothers’ new apartment into a warm and comfortable home. Our staff went even further above and beyond to help facilitate the brothers’ move into their new place.

This incredible story is yet another chapter in the ongoing and fruitful relationship between the students at Troy College and Career High School and the residents and staff of Oakmont Manor. We couldn’t be prouder of how our staff and residents exemplify the mission of Oakmont Senior Communities and Oakmont Cares, and we wish all involved a very Merry Christmas, the happiest of holidays, and a joyous new year! Great work, all!

A Thank You Note from Jim and Jill – Oakmont Manor

At each of our Oakmont communities, we are lucky enough to receive frequent cards, letters, and notes of thanks from our residents and their families. These simple gestures mean the absolute world to us, and we are grateful to each and every author who takes the time to share their feedback.

We received the below letter from Jim and Jill whose mother lives at Oakmont Manor for eight years. We are so grateful that their family became part of our Oakmont family, moving their Mom to Oakmont Parkway when she needed additional services. We are proud to share their words with you below:

Note: We have altered the letter slightly to protect the privacy of the authors.

Dear Oakmont Manor Team, 

My family and I would like to personally thank you for the eight years our mother lived at Oakmont Manor. Every detail at Manor was attended to on a regular basis. The facility was always clean, fresh, and in excellent repair. When anything was brought to the maintenance department’s attention, it was taken care of quickly.  

The activities always had something for everyone. Our mom did not always attend the activities but when she did it was never disappointing. Her favorites were the monthly birthdays, special holiday parties and music entertainment. 

Any time there was a question, our family always got an answer, and, most importantly, a Director and Assistant Director who listened to our concerns with care and understanding. This was true if it was a big concern or a little concern.  

As Mom’s needs began to change, we made the decision to move her to Oakmont Parkway, where she could get the third-party medical care she needed. We hope that this is change for her safety and our piece of mind.  

Many friends and family struggle with where to “put” their parent; I always offer this advice: A facility can be the most beautiful building with the fanciest furniture, but the only thing that matters is the people who work to run the facility.  

Each of you has made a difference for our family and for that we are grateful. 

We would happily serve as a reference for Oakmont Manor and would never hesitate to recommend the community to anyone.  

With sincere thanks,  

Jill and Jim 

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